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Conflict Management Cincom Systems Is. In siding with the marketing and sales teams, my position was that accuracy and speed of the development was more critical to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. The transformational power of leadership is kin changing a culture and making it more agile, market-driven and aggressively focused on customer needs.

The argument of speed and accuracy for the customer, and more importantly to hold onto them as a client, overshadowed the training opportunity this provided from the development.

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Transforming an organization on behalf of customers can ensure its survival Bucic, obinson, amburuth, Instead of capitulating on the issue, the CEO needed to come down on the side of the customers and realize that the culture of Cincom had become so distanced from the sense of urgency customers had for solutions that development needed to go to India.

I would have gone entirely…… [Read More]. Conflict in Organizations Conflict Management. In keeping with the collaboration of H and leaders across the organization, more communicative, open structures to conflict resolution perform more effectively than autocratic ones Carmeli, Atwater, Levi, The ability to emerge from conflict with greater trust is a major difference between transactional, autocratic or transformational leaders managing conflict resolution strategies.

The idea is to use conflict as a galvanizing force in getting the organization to its goals. Autocratic approaches to this strategy rarely work and often fail to take into account he specific needs and perceptions of those involved Guttman, What is needed is a more developmental, transformational-based approach to conflict resolution, one that allows each side to take ownership of the end result Carmeli, Atwater, Levi, Conclusion Conflict management is a shared responsibility between the leaders of an organization and the H professionals advising them on techniques and approaches Guttman, The best conflict resolution…… [Read More].

Conflict Management One of the. Similarly operational efficiency is crucial for control but too authoritative approach to a controlled culture is no more feasible in the current business environment because it stifles creativity and hinders employee freedom affecting overall business performance.

Innovation and setting benchmarks and preparing people to achieve such high standards become the hallmark of organizations that strive for competence. Lastly cultivation culture is about stirring the lives of customers and employees with the help of magnetic and inspiring leadership. Even if we ignore these particular characteristics even then customer focus becomes the corner stone of an organizational culture. Though, customer satisfaction comes only after employee satisfaction.

If the culture of the company is such where employees feel empowered and are able to align their personal goals with organizational goals then customer services thrive in such an environment. Global competition and customer demands also drive the need to do things faster, better, and…… [Read More]. Conflict Management Approaches and Human.

The two parties try to resolve it by themselves in an informal approach, through negotiations.While we encounter various types of conflict in many of our life situations, we often feel a lack of confidence and vision of what is really appropriate to do. Most students find the conflict in their personal relationships already quite stressful, thus any conflict within student organizations becomes overwhelmingly unbearable. Those who have lower tolerance level for anxiety often choose.

This is absolutely the contrary, as we get into conflict everyday. Introduction to conflict The term conflict referred to perceived incompatible differenced resulting in some form of interference or opposition. Conflict is a natural part of organizational life because the goals between mangers and workers are often incompatible.

If people perceive that differences exist then conflict state exists. Conflict is not exists between individual only, it also can exist between departments and divisions that compete for resources or even because of overlapped authority. However, conflicts do not mean something bad or result to negative consequences, but rather conflict avoidance can lead to negative long term consequences.

In fact, happy family or happy couples do not always mean lack of conflict, but how they manage these conflicts in a successful manner. Simply conflict mean "an expressed struggle between at least two interdependent. Therefore, I will first define what conflicts are, and second present the different sources of conflicts and carve out which conflicts are involved regarding to the given case.

The third step is to explain two different strategies to minimize these conflicts in future. Finally, I will provide a recommendation and conclusion.

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The Conflict Process Model —. Working as a nurse in a psychiatric facility I see many conflicts on a daily basis that need resolved. Not all of them are life or death, most are pretty mundane, but nonetheless I must utilize some form of conflict management to resolve the situation. There are three types of conflict that are dealt with; staff versus staff, staff versus patient and patient versus patient.

Sometimes the staff difference in thinking is the most difficult to be resolved since we all learn the same information but. Ap. Conflict Management: Methods and Approaches and Understanding Conflict Traditionally conflict is viewed as something harmful, however, in regards to the workplace this definition of conflict does not always uphold. Conflict is everywhere as stated before, and it tends to manifest itself in various different shapes and forms.

In the workplace, no matter how much one attempts to avoid it will find its way to you, working with others there is a chance that you will have to deal with conflict from time. Caused by disagreements in goals, motivations, communication problem or some other factors between two parties that can be real or perceived to exist, conflict is seen as a perceived incongruity of interests Taylor, D.The inevitability of conflicts within an organisation suggests that organisational leaders need to embrace it rather than avoid it.

Thus, although there are many ways of dealing with conflicts at workplaces such as collaboration, compromise, competing, avoidance, and accommodation, any strategy that emphasises leaving conflicts unaddressed is inappropriate. Conflicts often produce a negative implication on the performance of an organisation Bagshaw, Since the principal goal of organisational leadership is to look for mechanisms of resolving challenges, which may hinder the performance of an organisation so that it delivers value to its owners shareholdersconflict avoidance constitutes a risky approach to conflict management.

Organisations comprise people from different cultural, professional, racial, age, and other demographic backgrounds. Where people are segregated along these diversity differences, cultural conflicts arise. This suggests managers and leaders within organisations encounter immense challenges in a bid to seek effective strategies of recruitment, training, developing, and retaining the most talented personnel in an organisation that is characterised by immense workforce diversities. These challenges become even more pronounced as many organisations endeavour to engage in global businesses as a measure of increasing their competitive advantage.

The more the diversity of the workforce, the higher the risks of workplace conflicts that are associated with diversity differences. However, upon adoption of effective strategies of handling this diversity, organisations gain from higher workforce innovative and creativity potential.

In a healthy organisation, conflicts are predictable. Workplaces bring people from different cultural backgrounds. Such people have different opinions and views towards various issues that are encountered in the daily activities of an organisation. Such different opinions and views create points of parity and disparity. The disparities lead to conflicts.

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Bacalp. This suggests that whenever two or more people work together, they disagree on strategies for accomplishing some desired outcomes. Such disagreements can be either constructive or destructive in an organisation. In fact, Bacal refers destructive conflicts as ugly clashes while constructive disagreements are good organisational conflicts. While it is impossible to eliminate workplace conflicts, destructive conflicts are highly undesirable. They should be kept at minimal levels.

conflict management essays

Organisations, individuals, and even work teams require constructive conflict for them to grow. Destructive conflicts make people in an organisation uncomfortable. In some situations, escalated conflicts have the implication of compelling people to quit Bagshaw, Conflicts come as a result of disagreements. The trends of business and organizational conflicts which are resulting into their breakdown and loss are an area that needs special attention to preserve and increase their profitability.

The solution to these problems is good management skills which can be implemented. This essay will discuss the conflicts between management and employees in organizations. The process of conflict management in organizations requires determination and participation of two parties, employees and the management.

Essay on Conflict Management

In this essay leadership skills in management are emphasized to create efficiency. Poor communication within the work place where those employed are never involved or asked of their opinion is one source of conflict.

This causes the employees not to rely on the employer but rather on the gossip.

conflict management essays

Failure of management to provide appropriate working conditions may lead to disagreement between the employees. The employees should also learn to understand each other, with respect while appreciating their work and personality.

This builds a strong team. If the leadership fails by being unfair or having poor values in an organization or business, this would be another source of conflict. To enhance harmony and team work the above factors must be put at the right place by the management McNamara, n. National culture affects organizations.

For an organization to grow it must keep on changing the old ways so as remain competitive. A problem in leadership management may be in form of failure of leaders to have adequate information on the business; thus lowering their competitiveness. If employees complain of the problems in the working place without supervisors addressing the issue, the conflict continues to build pressure. The cultures of societies are characterized by conflicts which come from various circles that shape our behaviors e.

The beliefs of the people are usually taken to the organization. This is what brings differences between different countries with the same type of business organizations. From research, it became clear that culture has an influence on organizations implying that there will be a great difference between organizations established in different places. Failure of supervisors to involve other employees in decision making may bring conflict. This however may be as a result of the culture of the local people.

conflict management essays

The supervisors who like the way operations are run and not willing to change can be a hindrance to solving any problem. To change the culture and involve the employees, while insisting on open communication and flexibility is a good way forward in solving organizational conflicts. The organization should decide to change, by implementing the changing strategies of their conflict approach Savvolaien, Communication is vital in every organization.

Employees can bring success of the business. Satisfaction of the employees motivates them to have a greater output. Management concern about them will help them to have confidence in what they do. Listening to the employees is one of the greatest virtues that a manager can do to promote higher output of the employee Business, Openness of employees to management would help the managers to always get first hand information in most cases whether good or bad.

Being clear on expectations of employees on their work enables them to avoid any confusion. This helps employees to become more responsible. Guidance in their work builds confidence in their work and helps increase their efficiency Business, After listening to the employees, the manager should have in mind that the employees are meant to implement the plan for change.

Appreciating information given by employees help them to respond positively to the strategy that is laid in place. The manager should design a strategy that helps the employees to fulfill their needs as they promote growth of business organization. Visiting the employees at their working place is the starting place to promote openness.Content Guidelines for Conflict Management Essay : Presentations and papers should be structured around and contain the following topics: 1.

Outline of the Conflict: Identify the issue that began the conflict, the players and their roles within the conflict, the severity of the conflict, and your personal role in the conflict at the initial stage. Identification of the Conflict: Identify the type of conflict value, structural, data, relationship, or interest and support the identification with evidence from the conflict.

Initial Management of the Conflict: Discuss the initial steps used to manage the conflict and the form of management taken accommodation, avoidance, competition, compromise, collaboration, or a combination of these. Escalation: Identify why the initial method of conflict management failed and why the conflict escalated. Be sure to examine closely the roles that emotion, intimacy, and relationships played at this stage.

Outcomes: Assess the potential outcomes of the conflict after it escalated. Describe a possible outcome for each of the three scenarios: win-win, win-lose, and lose-lose.

Mediation: Discuss the necessity of having a mediator, assess what kind of mediator could have been used in this conflict, and describe the possible benefits and drawbacks of mediation for this case. Resolution: Describe how the conflict was resolved and whether the resolution was effective.

Map out the actual or potential results of the resolution on a timeline.

Conflict Management and Resolution

I was once an intern in a large and well established publishing company. During my time at the company, one of my colleagues was a young lady named Jane pseudonym.

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She was working as a copy editor for a journal that was one of the productions of the company. Within the editing team Jane was working with were other eight members, including me and James, who was a senior editor. One evening, the team organized a happy-hour after work.

All the members went for this mini and casual get-together. Jane had been in the company for a month by that time. Everybody enjoyed themselves to the brim and as would be expected, people had taken alcohol in significant amounts. Time came when we were to leave for home from the bar. James offered to share a ride with Jane in the same cab.

This was less surprising since James had been secretly interested in Jane since she joined the organization. The offer was accepted by Jane. I had a good working relationship with Jane. She thus confided in me the following day that James had made an aggressive sexual advance on her while inside the cab. She told me that she had yelled at James and firmly asked him to get out of the vehicle, a request James obeyed albeit unwillingly.

Jane suffered from some apprehension the day following the incident. How was she going to deal with James?

Would her job be affected by the cab incident?Conflict is a fact of life - for individuals, organizations, and societies. The costs of conflict are well-documented - high turnover, grievances and lawsuits, absenteeism, divorce, dysfunctional families, prejudice, fear.

What many people don't realize is that well-managed conflict can actually be a force for positive change. Robbins and Judge define conflict as a process that begins when one party perceives another party has or is about to negatively affect something that is cared about. There is a variety of conflicts that individuals will encounter within their lives.

Interpersonal conflict is when two or more people have opposing perspectives. Rationale "Students do not come to school with all the social skills. Resolving conflict requires a great deal of attention and thorough understanding in seeking resolution.

conflict management essays

In this review, conflict management will be explored in general from different perspectives in light of how conflict effects teams or groups, workplace relationships and. Conflict and conflict management both play pivotal roles in all relationships, whether they are between friends, family, lovers, or coworkers.

However, while most relationships have an abundance of conflict, the amount of properly implemented conflict management in all relationships is relatively low. This is especially surprising when you consider the sheer amount of research and counseling directed at managing conflict in constructive ways.

Though the aforementioned services and research are of. Many people do their best to avoid conflict at all costs, but it is an occurrence that everyone must deal with from time to time.

Conflict Management Essay Sample

Understandable, the avoidance of conflict is glamorous, however learning how to handle the conflicts can make them seem less bothersome. Learning how to manage conflict is a key factor in becoming a manager and the execution of that learning can be very different from manager to manager. Shanker describes conflict management styles as an equation involving the. ABSTRACT Organizational conflict is a state of discord caused by the actual or perceived opposition of needs, values and interests between people working together.

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Conflict takes many forms in organizations; there is the inevitable clash between formal authority and power and those individuals and groups affected. There are disputes over how revenues should be divided, how the work should be done and how long and hard people should work. There are jurisdictional.What Our Clients Say.

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